intraoral scanning

12 Reasons to convert to Intraoral scanning

If you do not currently use intraoral scanning, it is time to consider making the transition.

Digital impressions provide an array of advantages for dentists as well as patients. Take a look at the benefits outlined below, and if you are interested please contact us. We have worked extensively with all the intraoral scanning systems including 3Shape TRIOS, Carestream 3600, 3M True Definition, iTero Element, Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner and Cerec Omnicam. We would be pleased to share our experiences and help train your office so your integration of intraoral scanning in your office is fast and painless. We will also purchase a scanner for your office or provide lab credits with a commitment of future dental lab cases.

1. More Comfortable Patients and No Messy and Time-Consuming Gooey Impressions

Old school impression material involves the all-dreaded “goo”. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the messy and time-consuming preparation, clean up and disinfecting required by this traditional approach, not to mention the frequent patient discomfort or gagging it causes?

2. Gain More New Patients and Impress Every Patient That Sits In Your Chair

Studies have shown that patients love the instantaneous 3-D picture intraoral scanners provide and believe doctors using digital impression systems as more expert, accomplished and advanced. This leads to more engaged patients, more likely to move forward with treatment plans. Plus digital scanning is a great marketing tool for new patients!

3. Accuracy You Have Been Looking For And Lower Remakes

Intraoral scanning is lauded for its accuracy. This technology is as accurate as it gets and essentially eliminates the variables that are inevitability present in traditional impressions like distortion, bubbles, tears and the like. Digital impressions reduce remakes and the resulting restorations take significantly less time to seat. That means more efficient use of chair time for both you and your patients.

4. Decreased Turnaround Time

Immediate receipt by the lab of the digital impression can significantly decrease turnaround times. Call us today to learn more about our 3 day turnaround time!

5. Implants – No Problem

Intraoral scanners are also great for implant cases. No more impression copying costs plus greater accuracy. Also if you place implants in your practice or work with a periodontist or oral surgeon that uses an intraoral scanner, optimal workflow decreases your implant restorative chair time by 33%. We are leaders in digital implant workflow, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about this.

6. Facilitates Communication With Patient and With a Digital Expert Lab

Patients love the ability to immediately see a 3-D picture of their mouth. It is easier for you to engage the patient and talk about functional or cosmetic treatment plan options. Additionally, you have the ability to share the scan immediately with a lab, and if the lab is a digital expert focused on support and service, they will be able to provide you timely feedback on the scan and your prep, if desired.

7. Real Color Representation, Capture and Communication

Many of the intraoral scanning systems generate true-colour models. This means it can be much easier to accurately detect and capture tooth and gingiva shades and texture.

8. Instant Access to All Patient Models and No More Model Storage

Wouldn’t it be great to have instant access to your patient models? And how much room and costs are those physical models taking up in storage? We will retain and archive all of your digital cases and models with us for free and can send them to you immediately upon request.

9. Essentially Zero Waste

Intraoral scans do not generate any waste products. Great for our planet’s resource conservation and sustainability – while saving you significant costs.

10. Real-Time Knowledge of Great Digital Impression

Intraoral scanning allows for immediate viewing and analysis of the quality of the digital impression. It is easy to re-scan in seconds, if necessary, just a portion of the scanned area. With the right training, before the patient leaves the chair you’ll know you have a quality digital impression. You can even mark your margins at the same time if you would like. This is in stark contrast to conventional impressions that could require days of time for the same process plus significantly higher material, dental assistant, chair time and freight costs.

11. There is No Need for Impression Tray Cleaning or Disinfection

It is incredibly easy to disinfect intraoral scanners. The scanning tips can be autoclaved. Some scanners use disposable plastic sleeves. In all cases, time and expense related to tray cleaning and impression disinfection is significantly reduced.

12. Excellent Return on Investment

Your payback on an intraoral scanner can be immediate. More new patients, greater treatment presentation and acceptance, significantly lower material costs, dental assistant time and doctor chair time. We believe so much in technology and the benefits to our doctors that we have a special offer. We’ll provide lab credits to offset your lease costs or buy you a scanner for a future commitment of lab cases. Call us today at (866) 290-5058 to learn more.

Make the Shift to Intraoral Scanning Today

Dentists who have adopted intraoral scanning are pleased across the board. This technology provides superior impression accuracy. After all, this is an essential building block to a great restorative outcome. This results in significantly lower seating times, remakes and repairs. In addition, there are significant impression material, time and freight cost savings. We believe so much in technology and the benefits to our doctors that we have a special offer. We’ll provide lab credits to offset your lease costs or buy you a scanner for a future commitment of lab cases. Reach out to us today for more information about how you can implement this technology at your practice.